Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday . . . early

F Bostjan Golicic (Calgary, 2007-09) signed a one-year contract extension with Olimpia Ljubljana (Slovenia, plays in Austria Erste Bank Liga). He had eight goals and 17 assists in 47 games last season.
The Grand Forks Herald reports that there is some consternation among NCAA hockey coaches about a proposed rule change or two. The NCAA rules committee has proposed that a team killing a penalty not be allowed to ice the puck. That recommendation comes despite the fact coaches voted unanimously against it. There’s more right here.
A note from a reader:
“You can add Mickey Volcan’s name to the list of ex WHLers who played in the NCAA. Volcan was a St. Albert Saint in 1977-78 and, after the regular season, coach Doug Messier got him an invite to Portland where he played 12 playoff games in 1978 and 1979 with the Winter Hawks. He then was in the NCAA with the University of North Dakota in 1979-80.”
And another reader notes that there is another former WHLer with the Stanley Cup champions:
“I have read a lot of articles regarding the former WHL players, staff, etc., that were part of the Blackhawks run to the Stanley Cup. One name I haven't seen is Al MacIsaac, formerly of the Pats (1984-85). He is part of the Blackhawks front office. His title is Senior Director of Hockey Administration/Assistant to the President.”
Ron Judd, in the Seattle Times:
“In the giddiness over TV contracts and boosted football budgets, the irony was mostly overlooked.
“The same day the USC athletic department was being punished for succumbing to the corrupting influence of big money in college sports, its athletic conference, the former Pac-10, was out working to expand itself — with the primary goal of amassing even bigger money for college sports.
“Quite the mystery, isn't it, how those impressionable young recruits get the silly idea that an athletic scholarship is more about cashing in than hitting the books?
“Here's a suggestion for the new conference, which we'll provisionally name, in honor of its own ethics, the Situational Sixteen:
“Either admit college sports are a lucrative farm system for the pros — and pass some of that ESPN/ABC/Nike money to the players — or relegate the "student athlete" manual to the fiction section.”

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