Friday, September 3, 2010

The legend of Red No. 23 grows . . .

Well . . . there he is.
It’s Red No. 23 (aka Guy Incognito). At least, the person who took these photos tells me it's Red No. 23. If it is, and we assume so, this is the player who took the Portland Winterhawks' camp by stormm — well, at least for one scrimmage — and then — POOF! — was gone!
I don’t know that it’s Seth Swenson, who is shown on the Winterhawks’ website as wearing No. 23. Of course, that was last season.
But theories abound. . . .
One person suggested: “It is probably the Swiss kid, Sven Bartschi. Saw him last year. He is fairly dynamic.”
That theory went up in flames when someone pointed out that “Bartschi is already on the team.”
Another asked: “Could it be Gavin Stoick? He signed with the usa under 17 development team. Local kid who played in colorado last year.”
And then there was this one that, the theorist penned, “stems from a (potentially inncoent) comment Andy Kemper made on his blog. When asked about the infamous No. 23, his reply was ‘Only the Shadow knows’. . . I thought that was kind of funny, but wasn't sure if it was a tongue-in-cheek hint. The voice of The Shadow in the old radio show had the last name ‘Readick’ . ..  I jumped a few stones and decided to google Kruise Reddick of the Ams . . . lo and behold, left-hand shot, about 5-foot-8. I know Reddick was named captain (of the Tri-City Americans) late in the year, and ‘shouldn't’ be likely to be moved, but he hasn't exactly put up massive numbers either. . . just a thought. Do you think that's too crazy a scenario? Seemed plausible to me at the time, but now . . . not so much.”
You’re right. Not so much.
But that’s what conspiracies and theories are all about. Right?
Meanwhile, the fun, and the debate, continues over at
But then . . . wait . . . under the wire comes this . . .
“It's Garrett Milan from the Penticton Vees, originally committed to St. Cloud State, if you look on the BCHL website he no longer has a commitment. Still unclear whether he'll return to Penticton or play for Portland.”
Garrett Milan. According to, he’s 5-foot-8 and 150 pounds. Shoots left. Had 57 points in 60 games with the Vees last season.
Hmmmmm . . . .

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