Saturday, September 4, 2010

Portland Winterhawks press release

News flash from Graham Kendrick, director of media and public relations, Portland Winterhawks:

The Portland Winterhawks have announced that they are going to retire the number worn by Red No. 23.
The Winterhawks, who compete in the U.S. Division of the 22-team Western Hockey League, announced Saturday that Red No. 23’s number will be hoisted into the rafters at Memorial Coliseum in a ceremony preceding their 2010-11 regular-season home-opener.
Never in the Winterhawks’ long and distinguished history has one player so captivated the imagination of the team’s fans.
“Never have so many paid so much attention to one man,” said team president Doug Piper. “So we have decided it is time to pay the piper.”
Red No. 23 appeared in one scrimmage during the team’s training camp, scored three goals, then rode off into the sunset.
“He was too good to make the Winterhawks’ roster,” said Bill Gallacher, the franchise’s often speechless owner. “So I’m trying to buy a team in a higher leage on which he can play.”
Single-game tickets for the regular-season opener will be for sale at all the usual venues on Tuesday morning.
Winterhawks jerseys -- home, away, third, fourth and fifth jerseys -- with Red No. 23 on the backs are available now at the Winterhawks’ souvenir store. For the low, low price of $223.23.
The legend continues, with some comments that followed the suggestion that the player in the photos might be Garrett Milan of the BCHL’s Penticton Vees. . . .
“No. Pretty sure that's Colton Sorenson. He was considering going the college route. (Air Force).”
“Cooper Mickelson? Hits like a mule and has bull’s-eye shot. I thought he was going to play Base Ball.”
“where is that color of glove from? what teams does Graimmaldie play for? anything with those type pf gloves he would be wearing?” . . . We already have determined that it isn’t Graimmaldie. It isn’t Rocco Grimaldi, either.
“If you look at the photo, red jersey . . . I dont see the number 23 is wearing a cage. Which usually indicates that he has not played in the dub or even Junior A or Junior B for that matter. If he played Junior he would be sporting a visor?” . . . Uhh, actually the player in the two photos is wearing a wire cage.
“Since this is the greatest mystery of our time . . . any chance it was AJ Michaelson? He attended ’Hawks camp last year and fits the profile of being a lefty shot and very good at hockey. He’s grown a bit over the past year or so. So I don’t know that he fits the profile of being really small. Just throwing that suggestion out there.”
Fans are even following this via Twitter:
“Hey just saw your blog from (Friday) night. Garrett is still in Penticton.”
“Yeah I suppose that’s possible although the Vees’ pxp guy seemed sure Garrett wasn’t the ‘mystery’ player.”
So who is Red No. 23? Can't be Red Kelly. He retired a long time ago. Come on . . . get in your suggestions!

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