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Christmas Cheer Fund gets help from Regina

Daily News Sports Editor
It would seem that news of The Daily News Christmas Cheer Fund has spread far and wide.
The Regina Pats were at Interior Savings Centre on Tuesday and, prior to the game, I was approached by Brent Parker, an old friend who happens to be the WHL team’s governor and president.
“Do you still have that Christmas Cheer Fund?” he asked.
“Of course,” I responded.
With that, he reached into a pocket and handed me a crisp $100 bill.
“Put that in the fund,” he said.
With pleasure, Brent, and thanks a bunch.
It is moments like that that make this time of the year so special around here.
Moments, too, such as when Tim Shoults, the publisher in these parts, stops at my desk to tell me that Gail Cameron handed him a cheque for $50 while they were at a Downtown Rotary Club gathering on Monday.
It wasn’t the first time that has happened to Tim and the smile on his face said it all.
There also are the notes that arrive on my desk with more and more regularity as Christmas approaches.
Like this one:
“The Tablecloth Bridge Group would like to challenge any other bridge groups to meet or beat their donation of $50.” No signature. Just a Christmas challenge.
We get Christmas cards, too, like the one in which Lorna McMillan, a long-time supporter of your Christmas Cheer Fund, wishes us luck.
We also are hearing from people via email.
Norio Sakaki took time out from his hockey career to let us know that his “Kamloops Senior Hockey Players are on board again this year.”
Jim Doan of the Western Karate Academy has things rolling again. He has the annual Kick-A-Thon scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, and already pledges are well over $300. He also was excited over the fact that he had great luck collecting prizes from such local businesses as Kelly O’Bryan’s and Game On! He even got some help from Uncle Chris the Clown.
“Last year was a lot of fun,” Jim writes, “and, as you know, we were able to raise $6,000. The economy may be in the doldrums, but we are still expecting to have good news for you in a few weeks.”
Oh, and I almost forgot. The gang at Investors Group is back on board with us, which, again, is much appreciated. Dean Nicholson reports that the posters are up and that they are “starting to collect donations for the Christmas Cheer Fund as well as the Christmas Amalgamated hampers for the families that we adopted.”
Dean also got in a dig about enjoying the shovelling, but we won’t go there, will we?
Yes, every day is a good one in these parts.
I mean, it isn’t even December yet and the elves already have counted out almost $9,000 for your Christmas Cheer Fund. The sky, it seems, really is the limit.
Don’t forget that The Daily News picks up all administrative costs, which means that every cent that comes in to us goes out early in the new year.
This year, the proceedds will be shared by five local charities — the Canadian Association for the Mentally Ill, the Marjorie Willoughby Snowden Memorial Hospice House, the New Life Mission, the WunderCafe Soup Kitchen, and the YMCA-YWCA Y Women's Emergency Shelter.
If you would like to climb on board with us, feel free to come into our office at 393 Seymour St., and someone will be pleased to help. Or use one of the forms that you will find located daily in this newspaper.
And we still have Cheer Fund Christmas cards available, with instructions on how get your hands on them located in this newspaper. If you check out Today’s Cheer, you will fine that Sherry Sim bought two boxes. All the proceeds go to your Christmas Cheer Fund.

Anonymous    $25.00
Anonymous    $15.00
Anonymous    $100.00
Anonymous    $28.00
Anonymous    $25.00
Gail Cameron and Don Whyte    $50.00
Dianne and Dal Sohi    $200.00
Heather, Quigley and Lily    $50.00
Anonymous    $150.00
Fearon and Richard Blair    $75.00
Karl Dalin    $100.00
Donna and Dick Sharpe (in memory of Dick Laidlaw, former Kamloops Sentinel publisher)    $50.00
Margaret Houghton    $100.00
Ridley Dodds    $100.00
Anonymous    $7.75
Table Cloth Bridge Group    $50.00
Robin Johnson and Lorna McMillan    $50.00
Sherry Sim    $25.98
Sherry Sim    $100.00
Brent Parker    $100.00
Doris Finlay    $25.00
The Takeuchi family  $200.00
Anonymous    $500.00
A. and G. Morrissette    $100.00
Anonymous    $100.00
Bunko Babes    $55.00
Anonymous    $50.00

TODAY’S CHEER    $2,431.73
PREVIOUS TOTAL    $6,277.00
OVERALL TOTAL    $8,708.73
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