Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Daily News, Blazers to discuss ban

Blazers, Daily News and Western Hockey League reps will meet next week to discuss a ban on access to team personnel levied against the newspaper's sports editor.
Daily News editor Mel Rothenburger said a meeting has tentatively been set for Jan. 11 and will be attended by WHL commissioner Ron Robison as well as representatives from the paper and team.
“The objective of the meeting will be to look for common ground on defining 'fair and balanced' coverage of the team,” Rothenburger said. “Right now we have different opinions on that.”
Craig Bonner, vice president and general manager of the Blazers, sent a hand-delivered letter to Daily News sports editor Gregg Drinnan dated Dec. 22 informing him he would “have no further access to our staff, coaches and players effective immediately.”
Rothenburger said the letter referred to “negative reporting” but didn't provide specifics. “We're hoping to get a better idea of what their concerns are.”
Drinnan will continue covering the Blazers for The Daily News, Rothenburger said, adding the paper has asked the league to enforce its media access policy and remove the ban.

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