Saturday, July 21, 2012

Was this the beginning or the end of a camping trip?
What follows was meant to have been posted in the wee hours of Saturday. Unfortunately, some Telus-related problems left our neighbourhood without phone lines and Internet access until noonish.
So . . . from the department of better late than never . . .
Cory Flett, the WHL’s director, communications, was trying to do some family camping on Friday when something went wrong.
Whatever it was, he ended up doing some pretty serious communicating on twitter. Here’s a look:
1. RETWEET! At Elkwater @AlbertaParks for 'Alberta Parks' week, but Park & CO kicking out 2 fams 5 kids for unknowingly having 2 units on site
2.  Hey @AlbertaParks thanks for kicking 2 families 5 kicks out of Elkwater Old Baldy for unknowingly having 2 units on a site
3. Please help @GlobalCalgary @Jeremy Hunka 2 families and 5 kids being kicked out of @AlbertaParks Elkater for honest mistake
4. Hey @albertaParks what is wrong with this on a 100 ft site Cypress Hills: Old Baldy? Really kicking us out? (The picture atop this post accompanied Tweet No. 4.)
Flett hasn’t tweeted since No. 4 so there is no word as to the final outcome of this situation. Perhaps word will come sometime today.
G Jon Groenheyde (Kamloops, Edmonton, Swift Current, 2008-12) will attend St. Thomas University in Fredericton, N.B., and play for the Tommies. Groenheyde completed his junior eligibility last season with the Swift Current Broncos.
Someone left a comment for me that had some garble in it. If Mr. Anonymous would please repost that comment — I think it started with Dear A--hole, or something like that — I will make sure it gets up on this blog.
I think it had something to do with the book whose cover is pictured at the upper right.
Robert Creamer, who wrote two of the best sports books out there, has died. He was 90 when he left us in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., on Wednesday. His biographies on Babe Ruth (Babe: The Legend Comes to Life) and Casey Stengel (Stengel: His Life and Times) are classics and not to be missed.
Douglas Martin of The New York Times has more on Creamer right here.
One of the best things about Olympic Games is that they always are covered by some top-notch writers. A week from today, the 2012 Olympic Summer Games will open in London, a city renowned for its tabloid newspapers. All of which means we are in for some interesting reading.
For starters, here’s a chunk out of a column by Marina Hyde of The Guardian:
“Quite clearly, the Middleton family are lining up in direct opposition to the IOC, establishing themselves as a rallying point for rebellion against the Lausanne-based supranational body, which exists as a sort of parasitic quasi-state for the sole purpose of siphoning funds out of the host nation for the benefit of itself and its sponsors.”
The Middleton family would include the Duchess of Cambridge and her parents. Yes, it seems the IOC has opened an investigation to see if their party supplies shop is in violation of the myriad of rules that crop up prior to and during Olympic Games.
Hyde’s complete column is right here and it’s a keeper.

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