Tuesday, September 24, 2013

On road to recovery

My wife, Dorothy, underwent a kidney transplant on Monday afternoon.
As of Tuesday evening, things are progressing nicely. The new kidney is working well; the surgeon says he is pleased with how things are going.
I would like to express our thanks to the many friends and readers of this blog who sent prayers, thoughts and best wishes as we prepared for this speed bump in our lives.
In the days leading up to it, I made sure that Dorothy saw every note that we received. Words can’t do justice to just how much all of this support has meant to her.
She is a positive and courageous woman, and your support has only helped her be even moreso in dealing with this challenge.
Thank you all so much!
Dorothy received her new kidney through the Living Kidney Donor Program.
If you are interested, there is more on that program right here.


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