Monday, October 7, 2013

A great day for baseball

1. Before Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays hit a three-run homer to erase a 3-0 deficit on Monday evening, I thought the Boston Red Sox just might run away with everything, including the World Series. That's because the BoSox were playing really well and things really were falling into place. Time will tell if Longoria's blow changed all that.
2. You have to like the way the Los Angeles Dodgers are playing, despite a couple of errors last night, and the fact that manager Don Mattingly doesn't always go by the so-called 'book.'
3. L.A.'s Juan Uribe, who is at least 77 years of age, can't get a bunt down with a runner on second and none out in the eighth. He then hits a home run to left that gives the Dodgers a 4-3 victory over the visiting Atlanta Braves. . . . JUAN URIBE! . . . Of course, had Atlanta first baseman Freddie Freeman been guarding the line, playing the normal no-doubles defence, the chances are Yasiel Puig would have been out instead of standing on second with a double. . . . But, hey, that's why they play the game.
4. Now that was a day of great baseball viewing. Don't know that it will get topped this season.
5. Never mind the injuries to their infielders, the New York Yankees didn't have nearly enough pitching this season. And yet Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon both pitched in the postseason. Hmmmm. . . .
6. Larry Brooks, John Tortorella's good friend who covers the NHL and the New York Rangers for the New York Post, has joined the fighting-has-outlived-its-usefullness gang. "It simply is intellectually dishonest to claim commitment to reducing the number of concussions in hockey by legislating against checks to the head while blithely permitting players to punch each other in the head," Brooks writes. "The brain does not necessarily distinguish between punishments absorbed." . . . Brooks' complete column is right here.
7. Has A-Rod named you in a lawsuit yet?
8. Remember when the Philadelphia Flyers were an organization that operated as though its management knew what it was doing? I have long felt that management needs to look at its head coach during the offseason and ask itself: "Would we fire him 10 games into the season?" If the answer is "yes," then you pull the trigger over the summer.
9. From Twitter on Monday evening: "From @GlobeBC: Van in Vancouver crash may be mobile meth lab, police say." . . . I am one of the few who didn't watch Breaking Bad, but I'm wondering: Did Walter White think of that?
10. After two periods of last night's game against the visiting New Jersey Devils, fans of the Edmonton Oilers were lined up to jump off a bridge. By game's end, they were plotting the route for the parade. Yes, that's why they play the game.
11. League of Denial: The NFL's Concussion Crisis airs tonight (Tuesday, Oct. 8) on PBS. Check for the time in your area and try not to miss it. . . . Jen Slothower has seen the two-hour show and offers up a review right here.
12. Once more, please allow me to thank so many of you for the support shown to my wife, Dorothy. You should know that she continues to show improvement each and every day. The numbers from bloodwork on Monday morning were really good and she left the hospital on Cloud 9. Each day is better than the previous one, believe me. And she really, really appreciates all the support. Thanks again!

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