Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dorothy's Team has great Kidney Walk

It took two volunteers to check the numbers when Dorothy registered
for the 2014 Kidney Walk on Sunday.

Dorothy had lots of support, with (left to right) our son, Todd, good
friend Jenn Rensch, Todd's girlfriend Joanna Kwan, good friends
Ron and Sue Burt and Della Robinson, Max Hunter (in stroller),
Tanya Hunter, Larry Read (behind Tanya) and Mark Hunter
all on hand before Sunday's walk.

Dorothy and Jenn Rensch, with Todd attempting a photo bomb,
just before Sunday's walk got started.

Dorothy and good friend Sue Burt making good time on the
return trip to Riverside Park. That's the Red Bridge in the
The 2014 Kidney Walk, Kamloops edition, is over and it was quite a success story.
Especially for my wife, Dorothy.
How did she handle it? Well, she walked the 2.5-km, then went for a bite of lunch and then went shopping. So I’m thinking she handled it pretty well.
Dorothy underwent a kidney transplant on Sept. 23. She was recovering quite well, when an infection somehow was able to set up shop in her system. By early December, she wasn’t able to walk unaided.
So to see her walking so easily with all of the other people on Sunday was really something. In fact, we parked in downtown Kamloops and walked to Riverside Park, so by the time you add in that walk and the return trip, she will have walked close to four kilometres.
And, as she set out, she said: “I’m definitely walking for all those people who showed support through donations.” With all of you walking with her, Dorothy’s Team had to have been the largest one there!
In another Canadian city, good friends and family members went for a walk at the same time as we did. Joan, as she's know in these parts, gave up a kidney through the Live Donor Paired Exchange program so that Dorothy could get one. She and her family couldn't be with us, but wanted to show support, so they walked late Sunday morning, too.
As the walk started in Kamloops, you had shown your support with donations totalling $3,100, and there is more on the way.
All of this has turned out to be more than we could have expected. A week ago, when we set up her donations page, the first goal we set was $300.
So . . . thank you all so much for your support. It really is appreciated.

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