Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Isn't Dorothy grand!

The camera can't keep up with the legs as Dorothy gets her legs
ready for the 2014 Kidney Walk in Kamloops.
The training is in high gear.
As you can see by the above photo, Dorothy is rolling as she prepares for the 2014 Kidney Walk in Kamloops.
It will take place at Riverside Park on Aug. 24. Registration is at 10 a.m.; Dorothy’s team will start walking at 11 a.m.
There also are 5- and 10-km runs in support of the Kidney Foundation, and it has to be mentioned that good friend Jenn Rensch will be running the 5k in support of Dorothy.
Here’s what Jenn posted on her Facebook page on Wednesday afternoon:
“Okay running friends who wants to do this 5km fun-run with me for a great cause? This one hits close to home as my friend and former Co-worker Gregg Drinnan's wife Dorothy underwent a kidney transplant late last year - it's changed her life forever and now she's giving back. Can't make the run? How about pitching in the last $30 so she reaches her goal of raising $1000.”
Dorothy’s response: “Jenn is awesome. Can I adopt her?”
We are pleased to update Jenn’s note, as Dorothy’s donations, thanks to so many good people, now are more than $1,000, so we have adjusted her goal for a third time.
If you would like to be part of Dorothy’s Team, please click on this link right here, and then click on ‘Sponsor a Participant’.
Thank you.


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