Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Scattershooting . . . on a Thursday evening


1. You would have to think that NHL commish Gary Bettman is livid to have had the Arizona Coyotes mess blow up right in the middle of the Stanley Cup final. But isn’t there something wrong with an arrangement under which a city is paying an NHL team $15 million to hang around?

2. If you have dog in the hunt, perhaps the NHL final has some magic to it. But if you don’t the first four games haven’t offered up a whole lot of excitement. The NHL has to find a way to open up the game and I don’t know if those presently in power have the gumption to do it.

3. Someone said the NHL combine was on last weekend. Sure enough, I looked out the back door on Saturday and the farmer was in his field, taking off the first hay crop of the year.

4. If you are on Twitter, don’t you find it at least a little bit funny that there are so many would-be comedians out there?

5. I had dinner with a friend on Saturday. He couldn’t stop smiling. Why? Because he had played golf earlier in the day and he shot 84. That, of course, was one stroke better than Tiger’s day.

6. You don’t have to be an NBA fan to enjoy what is going on with that league’s championship final. So far you have to give the edge to LeBron James over Steph Curry, too. The Warriors got something going in the fourth quarter of Tuesday’s Game 3 loss in Cleveland, so it will be interesting to see if they can sustain it tonight.

7. Football is the ugliest sport of them all. And it showed its ugly side again on the weekend when the B.C. Lions released kicker Paul McCallum. They wanted him to retire; he wants to go out on his own terms so asked for his release. All he did last season was hit on 90.5 per cent of his field-goal attempts. But the Lions are looking for one kicker to handle kickoffs, punts and field goals, and that guy wasn’t going to be the 45-year-old McCallum.

8. It’s worth noting that this is a rather important season for those same B.C. Lions. There are whispers on the Left Coast that the Lions now are the No. 3 team in that market, behind the Vancouver Canucks, of course, and soccer’s Vancouver Whitecaps.

9. Michael Ferguson, Canada’s auditor general, spent $23.5 million on an audit of the Senate. That audit recovered $975,000. . . . Sheesh! When the then-community-owned Kamloops Blazers were looking for about a million missing dollars a few years back, they spent $300,000 on recovery efforts before calling a halt to it without getting back even a penny.

10. It won’t be long before observers are wondering where Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman Paul Goldschmidt ranks in the pantheon of right-handed hitters in MLB history. Yes, he’s that good.

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